Level 1

Foundation Course

Module 1-2 :

Practicum Course of Ajna/Swadhistana/Anahata Graduate Presentation –Wholistic Review
“Entering the Divine Connection as a Healer/Therapist”

Module 3-4 :
Practicum Course of Manipura – Vishuddha
Graduate Presentation – Wholistic Review
“Primordial Energy Mastery”

Module 7-8 :
Wholistic Review
Graduate Presentation Practicum Course of Muladhara/Sahasrara
“Living In the Crystalline Therapist Lineage”

Graduate Requirements

Research or Case Histories Written and Oral Presentation.
3 Progress reports of Practicum experiences with foot notes from required reading of previous modules 3500 word minimum.

If a student does not complete their final approved project by their 8th module to attain the certificated therapist level they register and present in a subsequent scheduled four day therapist module.

Minimum class attendance is
• The Foundation Course
• 8 Instructional Modules

The Modules are four days each and are presented approximately every six months (two modules in an 8 day sequence).