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Enter the phenomenal journey of a woman mystic who nomadically carries the octave of crystal harmonics throughout the world, transforming countless lives in tangible ways.

Crystal sound harmonics align the etheric and corporeal being into higher frequencies of Knowing. By listening to the resonating sound of crystal we continue to recall our ability to live within new integrated levels of our personality.

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Namokar Mantra - Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

The Sound of Crystal by AwaHoshi

NamoKar MANTRA Primordial Peace (cd)

Mystic transformation music
That includes the download of an educational powerpoint of the ancient Jain mantra of non-violence amplified with the sound of crystal & AwaHoshi.
Genre: World: Indian Classical
Release Date: 2009
Campane di Cristallo CD - Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

by AwaHoshi

Campane di Cristallo (cd)

The pure tones of crystal harmonics designed by AwaHoshi, founder of the Healing octave of Crystal recorded live in Italy.
Presents four compositions – Preparation, Testimony, Creativity and Meditation. These percussive tones bring you into a dimension of harmony and empowers you to reveal this dimension. AwaHoshi designed these crystal symphonies to take the listener through the stages of dynamic manifestation. This CD increases your capacity for concentration, lucid, memory, fantasy and new creation.
Campane di Cristallo is published by the largest new age distributor music for the visionary in Italy.
Genre: New Age: Energy Healing
Release Date: 2000
Lunarian CD - Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

by AwaHoshi

Lunarian (cd)

The pure tones of crystal in all of its profound simplicity with the ancient indigenous toning of AwaHoshi in the tradition of her native American heritage that children or your inner child will love.
Designed for those who understand the quality of crystal in its most primary and powerful form-sound waves. A sound that promotes deep Delta brain wave relaxation and out of the body experience. Pure Alpha brain wave visions of trancendent colour and dream like images. Harmonics that accelerate personal transformation by removing the disharmony of negative emotional imprints. Lunarian creates a sonic ambience that initiates you into transcendance. This CD includes two tracks of AwaHoshi’s shamanic voice.
Genre: World: Native American
Release Date: 2000
Crystal Dance CD - Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

by AwaHoshi

Circle Dance – Calling Indigenous Now Tones (cd)

The ultimate chill out dance/yoga flow music including the indigenous vocals with AwaHoshi crystal sound visionary of the ‘naturally high movement’.
AwaHoshi’s Circle Dance fills the void of real vibrational healing music that we can dance, sing and pulsate deep into, annointing our ancient connection with Mother Earth-Naturally High. Didjeridoo, talking sticks,drums,Her voice,crystal sound (subliminal and real) sound enginerred by Media Luna/Pete Cudmore of London. Last cut of Circle Dance narrates the true story of Sacred Smoking. Indigenous “now “tones that release chained dogs and caged birds. Creating medicine music, beyond trance and into awareness. Great for all Bio dancers, aerobics, physical fitness exercisers, and active meditators.
Genre: World: Aboriginal
Release Date: 1998
Heiwa Sanagi Peace Chrysalis CD -Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

by AwaHoshi

Heiwa Sanagi – Peace Chrysalis (cd)

Crystal harmonics recorded live in Zushi, Japan by Shigeo and AwaHoshi with the sound of the circada, catalyzing documented healing testimonies from listeners, with permanent reversal of insomnia – the ultimate sleep tonic, for rejuvenation and healing.
Profound meditation and healing results with AwaHoshi’s first CD. Heiwa Sanagi was created as a peace memorial for the world. Listen to crystal harmonies with the high frequency singing of the cicada. Documented healing testimonies from listeners with permanent reversal of insomnia. The ultimate sleep tonic. Recorded live in Japan.
Genre: New Age: Relaxation
Release Date: 1995