Crystal Sound

Therapist Program


(Prior to Enrollment all potential students will have attended one retreat)

Level 1. Foundation Course
Complete 8 therapist module.

Level 2. Crystal Sound Therapist Certificate Program
This course is open to all Students who have successfully completed a Foundation Course and have been accepted into the two (2) year therapist program following a written and oral interview.

Crystal Sound Therapist – Vibrational Medicine Study

Curriculum Focus

  1. The program is based on presenting knowledge of the octave of crystal sound in alignment with the Vedic system of chakras.
  2. Ancient Philosophy of Healing Sound.
  3. Crystal music technique as vibrational medicine, patterns, rhythms, tone combination and chakra resonance
  4. Customized design of crystal bowl configuration to work with.
  5. The use of vocal toning and crystal sound.
  6. Elements of chromo therapy, hydro therapy, and crystal therapy techniques that facilitate crystal sound healing.
  7. Philosophy and tradition of using aroma therapy in a crystal sound therapy maintenance program.
  8. Method and Procedures for making gem elixirs and flower remedies with quartz cruicibles.
  9. Therapeutic techniques, private therapy, group dynamic, visionary team development with crystal sound.
  10. Presentation of Transformation Concerts.
  11. Personal Profile development as a Crystal Sound Therapist.
  12. Marketing,
  13. Service Programs,
  14. Personal Therapy Program for Self Acceleration.
  15. Study Resources, bibliographic.
  16. Support and References as a Therapeutic Team Network.
  17. Diet and Natural Healing Program guide.
  18. Case Studies.
  19. Research Development.
Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan
Vibrational Trancendence. Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

Certification upon completion of final project.
Final project must be approved and a result of at
least 3 months of research.

Crystal Sound Therapist Internship Program

The Crystal sound Therapist Certificate program is now offered as a two (2) year intensive, with students meeting two times a year for 8 days. The training is held at the Miamo, Foundation of Well Being in Catania, Italy. It is very personalized and designed to share both the therapeutic and visionary uses of pure tone crystal.

Throughout the two year internship you will be supported in a very intimate small group atmosphere that provides the depth of self transformation and development of a career that is linked to success. This success is based on a curriculum that embodies the true nature of silicon quartz crystal and the sound produced.

To work and live with crystal sound is a profound experience. AwaHoshi Kavan BA MA, Founder/ Director has created an instructional experience that provides an opportunity for the safe use and understanding of the methods of vibrational medicine with the sound of crystal.

The objective is to bring crystal sound into the universe from a place of profound integrity that creates harmony and healing in the world from a unified discipline of crystal sound therapists.

Intership Application Procedure

1. Attend a Foundation Course
Prior to applying for the two year Intership as a Crystal Sound Therapist the first step is to join a Foundation Course. In this course you attain a clear understanding and experience of the foundation ethics and lifestyle of crystal sound therapy that supports wholistic healing.

Following the Foundation Course you will know the primary crystal tone that supports you. Students will be guided to purchase a quartz crucible that best supports their personal vision and accelerated purpose fulfillment.

2. Complete Interview Questionaire
Must be submitted at least 21 days before entering internship. The Interview is submitted after retreat attendance.