Crystal Concentration European Tour

Crystal Concentrations Contemplations – the European Tour with AwaHoshi

Vienna, Budapest, Linz – Katsdorf, Ulm – July 2017,
Finland – August 2017,

AwaHoshi will be giving a series of crystal sound transmissions in Europe.

There will also be the opportunity to study with her in Finland at an amazing Buddhist retreat center – Celebrating the movement of one of the world’s largest harmonic crucibles to Finland for the Upliftment of humanity from the Portal of the Heart Harmonic in Budapest to that of Finland.

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July 2017

Vienna, Austria
Date : 21-22 July
Contact Alex  –

Budapest, Hungary
Date : 23-24 July
Contact Pablo Weinber – FB

Linz – Katsdorf, Austria
Date : 25, 26, 27 July
Contact Maria –

Ulm, Germany
Date : 30 July
Contact Maria –  for all tour details and bookings.

August 2017

Finland Retreat Study
Date : 18-24 August 2017
Relaxation Rejuvenation Ceremony week-end
Friday 18th to Monday 21st August.
Foundation and Heart Harmonic
Contact  : Johanna – for register/details.

Find out more about FINLAND RETREAT STUDY.


The Finland Retreat Study begins on August 18 ushering a planetary location change of the world’s largest silicon quartz crystal crucible from Hungary, where it has been for the last (8) years. It was brought to Budapest from the island of Sicily, Italy, where AwaHoshi had a wellness center from 1996-2006.

This large crucible was given to AwaHoshi by a General Electric division in Germany. AwaHoshi had been purchasing small groups of crucibles from them and they offered her this large one as a gift. She did invest in the shipping which was 500 Euro at the time.

AwaHoshi met Szilard in Bali. He is a native of Hungary. It was his impetus that first brought AwaHoshi to Budapest with the intention of “opening the heart chakra” that had been closed, symbolically with a lineage royal crown and a sword enclosed in a glass case.

AwaHoshi than shipped by land cargo the large crucible from Milano, Italy to Budapest following the invitation of opening the Heart chakra there. She first introduced the crystal sound in an ancient natural salt cave, within a group theatre sound performance of indigenous Hungarians.

In this traveling theatre performance the final scene was AwaHoshi’s crystal sound event with the Light Poi of Naida Moon, in the inner sanctum of the cave. The next evening the crucible was part of a fire drum ceremony preceded by a sweat lodge (Nyepi) conducted by a Hungarian Shaman who studied with the indigenous Cheyenne tribe in USA. The same named tribe of AwaHoshi’s great grandmother on her father’s side.

Following this cleansing the following day the crucible was taken to the place in Nature known by those who remember as the heart chakra location. People came without knowing why and on this day during the month of November one lone honey bee encircled the group and tried to fly inside AwaHoshi’s mouth.

The crucible has been in Budapest and has entered many sacred sites, and heard sacred songs…bringing sweetness inside like honey. It is now moving and being placed in Finland.

Finland ~ A country where Hearts of humanity have been so broken that the suicide rate is one of the highest in the world.

The Crucible intones note D (low octave) moving into note F (high octave). It will be played to uplift life force feelings and bring energy to the heart songs of all listeners.

The first three days of this retreat study is open to all who would like to experience this inauguration August 18- Aug 21, daily crystal sound and group dynamic as well as solitude in nature and all organic vegan nourishment.

The Finland Retreat Study August 18-24 is open to all who will be entering the study of crystal sound – The Foundation Course, or students who have completed the this course and are ready to study the Heart Harmonic.

The eventual plan for the large crucible will be group meditations for Health, Harmony and Peace and ideally it will be placed in a traditional Sami structure.

Healing Hut

The “kota”, a Lappish version of the tepee, is a temporary dwelling, inside of which Sami medicine men or woman used to perform their rituals. Contact with the spirit world was reached through a hole in the top.

In Lapland, ancient legends survive to this day through word of mouth. Old myths were inspired by the omnipresent entity that was here before man and will be here after man is gone – nature. Life in Lapland follows the cycle of Mother Nature, and the stark contrasts between the four seasons dictate the pace.