The unique aspect of this study is the paralleled transference of natures own bio-crystaline composition of plant based foods and our own magnetic Being.

Nourishment – The Bio-Crystaline Diet with Chef Sora Kimberlain

Chef Sora is a certified associate chef and instructor from the internationally recognized Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, CA. and certified in the Hippocrates method of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Health Institute, Puerto Rico. She is also an accomplished sculptor eminent in her artistic plating of delicious gourmet vegan food. For further information on Sora go to and imagine the art of her Vegan Living food cuisine.

AwaHoshi is also certified in the Hippocrates method of Dr. Ann Wigmores Health program.

Chrysalis, Live Options, is a special program that provides hands on experience of the vibrant vegan plant based food education and preparation classes. This includes recipe cards, delicious dining, daily crystal harmonics and the knowledge of crystal harmony as vibrational medicine. The octave of crystal enables us to enhance and balance our vibrational frequency.

Amplifying Your Bio-Crystalline Being

Embracing an ancient spiritual heritage, Bali, island of the Gods, nurtures creativity, and encourages personal growth & expansion. In this landscape of sublime beauty, we will immerse you in the harmonics of crystal sound & present a core program of nutrition in vegan health.

Participants will be offered cuisine to promote & sustain health: foods that enhance Our bio-electric being. We aim to provide new taste sensations and recipes that allow you to continue at leisure in your own homes. In this way, our program encourages learning that can be easily integrated and developed over time.