“The retreat in Bali with AwaHoshi Kavan and the crystal sound completely changed me. It’s amazing. When I think back , it’s as if I was completely transformed in a week and a bit. I have a whole new relationship with myself and the world that comes from the deepest part of me. I melted into the waves of crystal sound and forgot who I’d seen myself to be, I became who I am. AwaHoshi is an amazing beautiful priestess who shows by her voice the perfection of our beings.”

Juliet S. Age 23, England
Recovered from Anorexia
Home Care Assistant / Tai Chi Instructor

“The experience was, amazing! Exactly what I needed: calmness, safety, warmth and the type of diet that brought me back to earth. The crystal bowls sound therapy did the trick. It moved something within. I felt a shift in myself. Without me realizing I stopped smoking completely.”

Claudia C. Age 31, Italy
Eco Tourism Director

“Before I met the sound of crystal played by AwaHoshi Kavan I suffered from severe colitis and bleeding diverticulitis. I have had a remarkable recovery, and understand a new life style that has helped me so much. The biggest surprize and gift from being in AwaHoshi’s program was that I was able to improve my eyesight and now no longer need eye glasses anymore. This change was documented by the optometrist.”

Elene S. Age 51, Italy
Reflexology Therapist

“The retreat at Miamo was a great experience that changed my life! My energy is higher, my skin is more radiant and my emotional confusion decreased. I feel stronger physically, lighter in weight, and clearer in thinking. At a difficult time I was helped to get more clarity on my goals and values. The crystal sound had a healing effect on a soul level and emotional level as well. I felt a universal cosmic growth and healing as I listened to the crystal sound. My consciousness could expand.”

Kristine N. Age 48, Hungary
Feng Shui Consultant
Health Supplement Distributor

“I went to Sicily at the Miamo Retreat Centre with the aim to solve my health problems of psoriasis and arthritis and to change my life. With happiness I want to say my wish was fulfilled. The crystal sounds, so intense, forced me to listen to the messages they transmitted. Messages so clear and strong that I could not avoid to receive them. I have had psoriasis for 10 years and now it has almost disappeared. When I first started to work with AwaHoshi I had such pain in my joints that I thought I would have to stop working with my hands. But with her natural medicine recommendations and the emotional releases I have recovered movements that had become impossible.”

Angelo F. Age 55, Italy
Retired Iron Worker

“Since the retreat in Sicily there is a place inside of me where I hear crystal sound. When I hear it from within it is acting as a reference point to elevate an otherwise routine situation or limited state of mind. By listening to crystal sound from within a shift in my consciousness can take place and bring clarity, relaxation as well as comfort. There is so much more to explore in the vast body of sound. This is just the beginning.”

Gabriele E, London UK
Human Resources Manager