Banyan Tree Smiles AwaHoshi

Dear Bio Crystaline Resonators – Holding the frequency of Love on the Planet is more important than ever. As dynamic Beings of electromagnetic light it is important to stay in touch and in tune. Create your circles of Unity and Love.

I would like to share a recent Youtube co-created by Josh Sexsmith of my 2 1/2 years of Living inside a Banyan Tree. He has an amazing and informative web site that I hope you can check out.

We appreciate all Youtube comments.

We met in the magic vortex of Ubud, Bali and in three days we traveled in the world of the Banyan, that connects us to the lower and upper worlds. It was quite a provocative journey living in the middle of that. Josh created this utube from a collection of other gifted documentations. Again, in my life journey the sound of crystal brought me into this reality. Living in something living is on my highly recommended list! Sharing the reality of magnetizing through the physics of what we are is what I want to involve you in- the accelerated field of the crystal sound octave- for rainbow truth.

Our Great Mother is calling us. This Thursday and Sunday I will be offering small group crystal sound sessions, tomorrow, Thursday April 14 and Sunday April 17 (Purnama Full Moon).
Time: 11:30 AM to 1PM (this is not flex time as the session for quiet is played during the workers lunch hour)
Where: Ubud Studio
PS Wheat Grass Collective Still alive and vibrant.

The Current Global Social Change Film Festival is going on in UBUD for the first time. There are amazing films, last night Guerilla Midwife and Talking With SPIRITS, about Bali Trance…thank you to all the organizers and film makers!
Check it out