Finland Crystal Sound Study Retreat

Crystal Initiation Experience.

The journey of sharing crystal sound through out Europe will have its climax in Finland where you will be able to join the study and experience of crystal sound and a life style that can support your bio-crystaline being.

The Crystal Concentrations European Tour will culminate in a Crystal Sound Study retreat and Crystal Initiation Experience in Finland.

Immerse yourself in the harmonics of crystal and the ceremonial beauty.

  • Sound Harmonics Rejuvenation Program,
  • Crystal Sound Certification Program,

(both series run simultaneously)

Each Program Includes

The Art of Ceremony with Crystal Sound and The Nourishment of Mind and Body with Plant-Based Food. This week will be an in-depth immersion of crystal sound and training in crystal sound playing. Classes embody ancient activation formulas that include physical exercises, diet, and spiritual practice. Sound Harmonics Rejuvenation bathes your psyche and creates a deep relaxation on a cellular level. Performed and facilitated by AwaHoshi, you are guided through the clarity of intentions to open new doors in your life.

Extra activities include guided yin yoga sessions, sauna, wild nature swimming in the lake, wild flower foot bath, foraging trip to collect herbs from the forest and plant based diet foot preparation demos.

The Crystal Sound Certification Program – Study Retreat
Date : Comingsoon

This program provides modules of study in Crystal Sound as a medium for vibrational alignment, paralleled with vegan plant based foods. Both of these components celebrate and embrace our magnetic being and its resonance with planet earth.

The Crystal Initiation Experience – Sound Harmonics Rejuvenation Program
Date : Comingsoon

Will be an immersion in daily crystal sound sessions, morning exercises, specially prepared organic nourishment and ample time for self-reflection, meditation and enjoyment of nature.

Venue & Location – Abhayaloka

It is a great opportunity to be in Abhayaloka, Budddhist retreat center in a small village, Läyliäinen and by the lake Loppijärvi.

Abhayaloka, means “fearlessness” and loka means “place or realm – a deepening place of going beyond fear.

During this Initiation a celebration ceremony inaugurating the placement of one of the world’s largest silicon quarts crucibles in Finland will happen on 20 August with the immanent new moon.

This instrument has been with AwaHoshi for the past 18 years, in Sicily for ten years, Budapest for eight years and now being placed in Finland. Together, with the pure tones of crystal we enter as messengers of amplified positive, harmonic vibrations that activates the life force in us and on the planet. The large crucible will continue be held in the trusteeship of the Crystal Sound lineage as a Peace Portal in Finland.

The sound of crystal harmony brings listeners back into resonance with the intoned frequency of their authentic self. The harmonics of crystal sound waves activate movement out of disharmonic patterns, vibrational frequencies that are not in harmony will immediately be entrained to the pure tone harmonics of the crystal octave and transformation is accelerated.

Enter the study of crystal sound as vibrational medicine and experience your Being as the ultimate resonator. During the Crystal Sound Education Program you will learn how to activate and magnetize support in your life and others. Enter this opportunity to study and learn with one of the early pioneers about the use and research of crystal sound for bio-resonant alignment.

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For more information and to register contact:
Retreat organizer : Johanna Rajämäki
Mobile: +358 (0)50 371 5773 (Finland)

To reserve your space for the Finland Full Retreat or the Initiation Ceremony please wire transfer deposits into the following account bank account or make payment via credit card easily with pay pal.

Finland Full Retreat – 500 Euro
Initiation Ceremony – 300 Euro

There is a paypal service charge that will be applied to the final payment, 4.4% of the payment amount, approximately 22 Euro for the Full Retreat and 15 Euro for the Initiation Ceremony if a bank wire transfer is made into The Woman Conservancy account a transfer fee of 20 Euro will be applied.

Following your deposit Johanna Rajamaki,  will contact you with final payment – invoice details.
To pre-register send a wire transfer into the following account or via PayPal.

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“Thank you for a life changing experience. The Chrysalis LiveOPTIONS program was very empowering and loving. I appreciate AwaHoshi’s profound understanding of crystal sound. I have come away from the retreat craving vegan raw food at each meal. I see this change as wonderful! Chef Sora is a true gift.”
Linda F. (65), USA
Reiki Master, Reflexology Instructor

“Every class was beautiful. It was a life experience full of Love. I appreciate the way AwaHoshi shares her wisdom. Sound healing changed my life. Discovering my signature tone opened my heart. The support of other therapies (massage, shiatsu, chromo-therapy, exercise, nutrition) made the whole week a path of transformation. The food was delicious, and I love the recipes. It was like eating in Heaven. I have not eaten so good in my life. I am really grateful to Sora and AwaHoshi and to Life, for presenting this experience.”
Rosa M. (38), Chile
Freediving Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Dance performance Artist

“I am beyond happy to have chosen to study crystal sound therapy with AwaHoshi. The level of intelligence that is transferred is mega huge! I like that Chef Sora taught simple, consistent, vegan living food preparations each day. It was very heart-felt and profound to learn from instructors who are passionate about this lifestyle. The living food dessert and kombucha were such treats.“
Nami N. (38), USA
PhD. student, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine