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Crystal Sound Institute


Join AwaHoshi in Bali 2019

New Non-Residential Retreat. 6 Nights, 7 Days. Module I : Friday, March 8, 3PM - Thursday, March 14, 12PM Module II : Saturday, March 16, 3PM - Friday, March 22, 12PM Personalized Sound Study, Yoga & Chanting Immerse yourself…
Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

Reclaiming our Bio-Crystaline Being

Ubud Bali Module I - March 8-14, 2019 Module II - March 16-22, 2019 Chrysalis / LiveOptions Retreats: Sound Harmonics Rejuvenation Program, Crystal Sound Education/Certification Program, (both series run simultaneously).…
Bali Spirit Festival Ubud Bali. Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

Crystal Sound Healing at Bali Spirit Festival 2019

Sound Healing by AwaHoshi - Bali Spirit Festival 2019 Bali Spirit Festival Date : Ubud Bali, 24-31 March 2019. Sound, Healing and Breathwork AwaHoshi as Presenter  
Finland Retreat Crystal Concentration European Tour. Crystal Sound Institute by AwaHoshi Kavan

Finland Crystal Sound Study Retreat

Coming soon ~ CRYSTAL CONCENTRATIONS - Finland. Crystal Initiation Experience. The journey of sharing crystal sound through out Europe will have its climax in Finland where you will be able to join the study and experience of crystal…