Ubud Bali
Module I – March 19-23, 2020
Module II – April 7-11, 2020

Chrysalis / LiveOptions Retreats
Crystal Sound Education / Certification Program

The Art of Ceremony with Crystal Sound and The Nourishment of Mind and Body with Plant-Based Food

“Immerse yourself in the harmonics of crystal and the ceremonial beauty of Bali”

Sound Harmonics Rejuvenation bathes your psyche and creates a deep relaxation on a cellular level. Performed and facilitated by AwaHoshi, you are guided through the clarity of intentions to open new doors in your life.

Crystal Sound Education provides modules of study in Crystal Sound as a medium for vibrational alignment, paralleled with vegan plant based foods. Both of these components celebrate and embrace our magnetic being and its resonance with planet earth.

“During this week you will experience a renewed frequency of yourself within the richly layered culture of Bali.”

Chrysalis/LiveOptions is the wholistic program designed by AwaHoshi Kavan. As an early pioneer of crystal sound harmonics, she has witnessed the positive affects of crystal sound with 1000’s of listener’s. She shares the knowledge and testimony from 25 years of experience. Through the years she has presented on BBC, NBC Health News, RAI (Italian Alternative Medicine Series), featured in numerous magazine articles, alternative medicine conferences and Mind Body Spirit Festivals. Her wisdom guides listeners into profound awareness and fulfillment of purpose.

“Thank you for a life changing experience. The Chrysalis/ LiveOptions program was very empowering and loving. I appreciate AwaHoshi’s profound understanding of crystal sound. I have come away from the retreat craving vegan raw food at each meal. I see this change as wonderful! Chef Sora is a true gift.”

Linda F. USA – Reiki Master, Reflexology Instructor, 2012 Level I, Crystal Sound Certification

“The harmonics of crystal sound waves activate movement out of disharmonic patterns. Vibrational frequencies that are not in harmony will immediately be entrained to the pure tone harmonics of the crystal octave and transformation is accelerated”.

Enter the study of crystal sound as vibrational medicine and experience your Being as the ultimate resonator. During the Crystal Sound Education Program you will learn how to activate and magnetize support in your life and others.

“AwaHoshi is a ‘healer of healers’ and a profound visionary focused upon humanity reclaiming their original health and harmony. It is a spiritual journey in paradise.”

Iane Franca – Brazil, 2014 Level III, Crystal Sound Certification Program

Gourmet Vegan Food with Chef/Educator, Sora Kimberlain

The unique aspect of this study is the paralleled transference of natures own bio-crystaline composition of plant based foods and our own magnetic Being.

Chef Sora is a certified associate chef and instructor from the internationally recognized Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, CA. and certified in the Hippocrates method of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Health Institute, Puerto Rico. She is also an accomplished sculptor eminent in her artistic plating of delicious gourmet vegan food.

Chrysalis, Live Options, is a special program that provides hands on experience of the vibrant vegan plant based food education and preparation classes. This includes recipe cards, delicious dining, daily crystal harmonics and the knowledge of crystal harmony as vibrational medicine. The octave of crystal enables us to enhance and balance our vibrational frequency.

In this landscape of sublime beauty, we will immerse you in the harmonics of crystal sound, and the rich culture of Bali, “Island of the Gods.” Please join us for an amazing, expansive adventure.

When  Module I – March 19-23, 2020
Module II – April 7-11, 2020
Arrival 9 am to 5 pm
WhereUbud, Bali, Indonesia
ForSound Harmonics Rejuvenation Program
Crystal Sound Education/Certification Program
To ExperienceRest, Renewal, Beauty, Knowledge, Adventure, and Sensory Opening
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Services all inclusive:

Crystal Sound Classes
Plant Based Nutrition / wheat grass / fresh coconut water / green juice
Recipe Cards
Daily Crystal Sound
Daily Yoga Rejuvenation, AwaYoga
Personal Profile Development

Please join us for an amazing, expansive adventure.
Classes are small and customized.

Reserve your Early Registration, with a $500.00 US or 500 Euro deposit.

Retreat Dates :
Module I – March 19-23, 2020
Module II – April 7-11, 2020

The Inclusive Tuition
per 5 day session is 1850 $US or the Equivalent exchange in Euro upon pre-registration.
To Reserve : please deposit 500 US$.

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The Woman Conservancy supports eco-cottage industry and educational seminars for humanities connection to the environment, promoting Life Activation projects that honor gender equality and sustainability for world harmony and health.


“Every Class was beautiful. It was a life experience full of Love. I appreciate the way AwaHoshi shares her wisdom. Sound healing changed my life. Discovering my signature tone opened my heart. The support of other therapies (massage, shiatsu, chromo-therapy, exercise, nutrition) made the whole week a path of transformation. The food was delicious, and I love the recipes. It was like eating in Heaven. I have not eaten so good in my life. I am really grateful to Sora and AwaHoshi and to Life, for presenting this experience”.

— Rosa M., Chile
Free Diving Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Dance Performance Artist, 2012 Level I Crystal Sound Certification

“The retreat in Bali with AwaHoshi Kavan and the crystal sound was the most amazing travel that I did, a travel to myself. With crystal sound we are able to stay in touch with our essence and under stand how to live according to the purpose of our life. Digite um testo ou endereco de um site outraduza um documento Cancelar Traduzir do: portuques. All this work is supported by a more than special food made with care and expertise by Chef Sora, that made all the difference. I can say, it was the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. This retreat is a complete experience; you will feel the warmth and care in every detail.”

— Camilla P., Brazil
Business, 2013 Level II Crystal Sound Certification